How it works

computer website
Select your service and what time you want it. Enter your address and choose how you’d like to pay for the service
We match
Your booking request goes to our system where one of our verified freelancers or carefully picked SMEs (the ‘Profs’) will take the job.
performing your job
Your job gets done
Our Prof goes to your place and completes the job. After they’ve satisfactorily finished you’ll either pay them in cash if you’ve chosen to pay in cash or our payment system will handle everything seamlessly.
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How we verify our Profs

  • We interview them
  • Background check their police records and verify their ICs
  • We train them
  • A group of secret testers extensively review each Prof at their own home before they’re sent to a customer’s house
  • Our rating and review system ensures that only the best stay on our platform

Platform Safety

Fixed pricing

Fixed Pricing

We set all of our prices and guarantee price control so you’re always paying a fair price
Masked communication

Masked Communication

All communication between you and the Profs are masked so your contact information isn't exposed
Online payments

Secure Payment

Our payment processor uses world-class encryption to ensure your information is always safe

Insurance & Assurance

At Glorgo our goal is to make your life easier and we take this very seriously. That’s why our customer care team is around weekdays 9am-6pm to help you with issues and questions you have.